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Creating a Business Emergency Contact List

Knowing who to call when an emergency arises at your business puts you in the best position to handle the crisis. A plan ahead of time helps protect you, your employees, your patrons and your business. That’s why it’s wise to consider who is on your emergency contact list before the crisis strikes.

Since we have assisted numerous businesses during their most critical moments, here are some tips for who to include for your emergency contacts.emergency contact list example

1. Start with the Basics

You should have your essential business information at the top of your contact list; include the business name, address, location, and phone number. Emergency services will immediately ask for this information, and you don’t want you or your employees to have to search for it and delay help arriving quickly.

2. Facility Manager/Landlord

You’ll want to contact your facility manager or landlord for emergencies involving your facilities, like a fire or water leak. They know your building better than anyone and may offer solutions that help prevent or minimize property damage.

3. Employee Emergency Contact

Should a medical emergency arise involving one of your employees, you need to be able to contact whomever they have identified as their emergency contact quickly.

4. First Responders & other Emergency Contact

This section of your list should include more than just 9-1-1. Also, have the contact information for your security alarm company, poison control, pest control, and the humane society.

5. Utility Companies

The utility company should be one of your first calls for emergency incidents involving burst pipes, gas leaks, or a power outage. Include numbers for your gas, electricity and water service providers.

6. Odds & Ends

It’s also worth adding contact information for helpful services like a trusted locksmith or roadside assistance. That way, if you need to have your locks replaced or help a customer or employee who is stuck, you have those numbers at your fingertips.

Remember, quick access to these emergency contacts ensures that you can respond quickly and effectively when a crisis arises. So, post these numbers so that you and your employees can get to them at a moment’s notice.

As your insurance broker, we’re always here to help you navigate emergencies, explain your coverage, and help you file a claim if necessary.

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