Chemical Manufacturing

As a manufacturer being precise to meet strict standards is crucial. Your day-to-day operations threaten your business, from working with dangerous equipment to hazardous chemicals. Want to work with our team to help you understand your industry’s exposures?



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Commercial Liability

With every decision they make on behalf of your organization, you assume a certain level of risk. Liability coverage covers any costs, including defence costs, if you are found to be legally responsible for injury or property damage due to your business operations on and off the property.

Coverage for Tools

You can get coverage for repairing or replacing your tools if they are damaged by fire, smoke or lightning; vandalism or malicious acts; windstorm or hail; or stolen at your place of business, at the job site and in between.

Umbrella Liability

Commercial Umbrella Liability insurance provides additional, worldwide coverage to supplement your existing policies. For example, they can provide additional coverage (up to $5 million) when your business or commercial auto insurance is maxed out or by filling gaps in areas of underlying policies don’t cover.

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Disability Insurance

Disability coverage replaces some of your income if you can’t work because of an injury or illness. The idea is to help you keep your standard of living the same until you can return to work. This monetary benefit will continue until the benefit period ends or you return to work.


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