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We care because you care.

We know that your residents’ comfort, safety, and health is your top priority. The level of care you provide your customers is beyond that of many other industries, and this is what makes your business so unique. Your services, employees, clientele, and risks are individual to you, and this is why your business stands out from all the rest.

Let’s protect what matters most to you.


Products & Coverages

General Commercial Liability

In the event that you are named in a lawsuit, a Commercial General Liability policy will cover costs such as defense expenses, even in the event that you are not held liable. Don’t let a lawsuit be the undoing of all your hard work. Accidents happen, and if one occurs – having a general commercial liability policy is essential.


Your facility can be held legally responsible for an act of neglect or abuse that causes harm to a patient or resident. Having the proper policies and procedures in place is important to help prevent cases like this from happening. An insurance policy is a vital component to think about when assessing your overall risk management strategy.


The building that houses your business is a crucial aspect of the success of your operations. Theft, vandalism, and weather are just some of the many things that can cause significant damage to your building, and the bill to repair can be even more substantial. Protecting your largest assets with an insurance policy can keep your business from a significant financial setback.

Cyber Insurance

As a business owner, it’s important to be realistic about the risk cyber crime poses. If your business stores sensitive client information, bank records, or any other vital information on its computer systems, then this coverage is essential. To protect yourself fully, you’ll want to talk to one of our advisors who can help assess your situation.

Your business is unique to you; the care you provide is especially important. Working with a team of advisors who truly understand what you do is essential to finding proper protection.


Group Benefits

Most business owners agree, their employees are the lifeblood of their business, which makes the attraction, retention, and most of all the well-being of your employees a top priority. Employee group benefits are an effective way of making sure the hardworking talent you attracted not only continues to work, but continues to work for you!

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