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Whether you’re transporting hazardous chemicals, people, or pizzas you’re exposed to a variety of risks and potential for loss. That’s why it’s so important to have an insurance policy that properly protects you, your vehicle, and your precious cargo.

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Products & Coverages

Cargo Insurance

When transporting cargo, you’re exposed to a variety of risks and potential for loss. From harsh weather, to vehicle collisions, it’s important that the insurance protecting your cargo is actually going to protect it.

Commercial Auto

When you’re a professional driver, your vehicle is not just a means of transportation. It’s how you earn your income on a daily basis, and how your clients trust you to transport their cargo in. That’s why it’s vital to protect your vehicle with a policy that truly understands its importance.

Mechanical Breakdown Endorsement

Motor truck cargo is extended to cover the legal liability of the insured for loss or damage to cargo directly due to mechanical failure or breakdown of any single refrigeration, cooling, or heating unit on any insured motor truck, trailer, or semi-trailer.

Livestock Endorsement

Motor truck cargo additional coverage to extend coverage to livestock escape, livestock round-up, or bruised livestock.

Contractual Penalties Endorsement

Motor truck cargo additional coverage to indemnify the insured for contractual penalties arising from: late or non-delivery of the cargo, erroneous delivery of the cargo contrary to instructions, or failure to obtain written confirmation for the delivery of the cargo.

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