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5 Security Camera Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

By investing in a security camera system, you have taken a wise step to safeguard your small business, but don’t rest just yet! Ensure you’re not violating any security protocols by avoiding the top five mistakes that camera experts warn small businesses about. Here’s a list:

1. Poor Illumination

When it comes to illumination, the same principles that govern any other camera also apply to your security cameras. If the light is too strong behind the subject, you won’t be able to make out the finer details of a face, which can be critical in the event of a robbery or other occurrences. So, do not point cameras inside a room towards doors or windows that are exposed to bright light from the outside.

2. Poor angle of the security camera

Protecting yourself with cameras should involve positioning them at a height that allows you to recognize facial characteristics. Placing them too high could obstruct the view and make it difficult to make out the features of a potential thief.

3. Acquiring cameras that are not suitable

When it comes to security cameras, investing in a trustworthy system is especially important if your business is situated in a place or specializes in an industry with more chances of theft or intrusion. Ensure the cameras are of good quality and the software is stable. Additionally, ensure that there are sufficient cameras to cover the space.

4. Setting up the security camera system on your own

You might be tempted to cut costs by attempting to set up your security camera system yourself. However, experts argue that this could damage the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to trust a reliable security company to install it. Not only will they guarantee their work, but they are also available to answer any queries you might have.

5. Neglecting to implement necessary safety protocols

Incorporating a security camera system should just be one part of your security plan. Additionally, be sure to secure each door and window with proper locks and activate your alarm system every night. It is essential to ensure the proper set-up of a security camera system, as this can lead to decreased business insurance premiums.


The impact of digital technologies on our lives has been remarkable. It has revolutionized how we interact, communicate, and work, making life more convenient in many aspects. Digital innovations have allowed us to access information easily and quickly and to stay connected with family and friends no matter where they are. For your business, the addition of security cameras can help you mitigate risk, protect your property, and potentially add discounts to your business insurance policy. Contact your insurance broker today to find out if you can get any extra savings.

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