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5 Security Camera Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

You’ve wisely installed a security camera system to deter theft and protect your small business, but not so quick, your work is not done. Check out this list of the top five mistakes security experts say small businesses make to ensure you’re not in violation.

1. Bad lighting

When it comes to lighting, your security cameras are no different than any other camera. If you have too much backlighting, you’ll pick up the silhouette of your customers but not the detail of facial features, which is important in the event of a theft or other incident. Be careful about pointing indoor cameras toward doors or windows with bright outside lights.

2. Poor camera angle

To make it easy to identify a thief, security experts recommend installing cameras at or near head level. Too high of an angle can make it hard to distinguish facial features that can help you identify and catch an intruder.

3. Purchasing inadequate cameras

While it’s never a good idea to skimp on your security camera system, it’s particularly unwise if your building location or industry makes your business a high risk for theft or break-ins. Invest in a system that provides reliable cameras that produce quality images and use the stable software. Also, make sure you have enough cameras to get the job done right.

4. Installing the system yourself

It may seem smart to save a few dollars by installing your own security camera system, but experts say you increase the likelihood of ruining your equipment by doing so. Let a reputable security company handle the install. They’ll not only provide a warranty but will also answer any questions you may have.

5. Forgetting to take other important security measures

Installing a security camera system should only be one part of your security strategy. Don’t forget to also properly secure all doors and windows with adequate locks and set your alarm system every night.

Keep in mind that properly installing a security camera system can also help reduce your business insurance premiums. Contact your insurance broker today to see if you qualify for additional discounts.



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