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3 Warranties You Need to Know About Photography Insurance

Imagine how expensive insurance might be if a policy covered every possible risk. This is one reason that insurers include details in their contracts, what we call, policy wordings. Policy wordings are the terms, conditions and definitions of insurance coverage as they are written down in the insurance policy. One condition that is included in the policy wording is called a warranty or warranty clause.

A warranty is a promise from the insured (you, the photographer) to do or not do something. If you do not abide by the condition, any loss will be denied by the insurance company. These warranties help to enforce that reasonable measures are taken to keep your equipment as safe as possible. In our Harvard Western Insurance Photography policies, there are three specific warranties you need to know:

Locked Vehicle Warranty

It makes sense that if you leave your gear in the vehicle, you lock it up. Locking the equipment inside the car’s cabin, trunk, or luggage compartment is a great way to prevent theft. If your belongings are stolen from the vehicle – there must be visible signs of forced entry to access them. We also recommend that you place them out of sight!

Away From Premise/Unsupervised Warranty

When away from your office, staying in a hotel or hostel, and leaving your gear unsupervised, the insured must lock it in an available safe or safe room. To help protect what matters most to you, do what you can to avoid placing your camera in an unnecessary risk environment. Safeguarding your gear when other people have access to an unsupervised area can help you keep doing what you love and avoid the time-consuming process of a claim.

In-Transit Warranty

While going from location to location or shipping your equipment, you must ensure it is adequately secured. Use padded shipping containers to endure the expected thumps, bumps and mishaps. While driving from one wedding location to the next – put your camera in the bag and secure the lid/zipper. Leaving the camera on the car seat is tempting for quick access, but it is not worth the risk of it taking a tumble. Safeguard your camera equipment and continue going the extra mile for that next great shot!

Below is the Harvard Western Insurance Policy wording document regarding the warranty.

Reach out to your agent or broker to discuss your coverage needs. With a candid conversation, your agent or broker can help you identify the areas where you need the most protection and help you find a policy to fit your budget.

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