Volunteer Firefighting


Where there’s smoke, there should be coverage.

No one wants to think about having a loss, especially not a large one like a crop fire. But these things can happen, and luckily, we have brave men and women who work hard to stop these fires and protect our farms and families from destruction. As great as these services are, they aren’t free. If you end up with a bill after a fire loss, you could be looking at a significant financial cost.


If a fire occurs on your land, and depending on where you are located, you may have multiple voluntary firefighting departments responding. Every voluntary fire department will send an invoice if they are called out to help put out a fire on your land. Each department’s rates may be different, and you could see anywhere from $900 – $1200 charged as an hourly fee. It’s always important to contact your local RM or Municipal Office to find out if these charges are covered by your taxes, or if you should be adding some additional coverage to your policy.

Adding Voluntary Fire Fighting to your policy will ensure that you are financially supported in the event that you receive a hefty bill after the fire’s put out.